Your Support

is Powerful.

Our resources alone cannot make the difference, we need your support to improve lives.


Our vision is to lay down a path for the underprivileged by helping them access better quality education, providing career opportunities, and supporting healthcare leading to self-reliance.

Let us help them today

To make them help others tomorrow


As part of our commitment to our community we are constantly creating and promoting programs that emphasize our goal and minister to people’s physical, social and spiritual needs.

Community Outreach

Our Community outreach goal is to reach out to people in our community and ministry to their physical, social and spiritual needs

Counseling Services

Our focus is to provide family centered counseling service for the enrichment of the whole family to make self sufficiency and empowerment of the goal of the entire family ,not just the individuals

Health Services

Helping people build their capacity to make healthy and informed nutritional decisions and build the will to tackle the challenges that result from poor nutrition decisions

Donate food to families struggling with hunger in COVID’s second wave

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